Patient Testimonials

Steven R-

“In the past I have separated and dislocated my right shoulder causing pain and general dysfunction for years. While training for Ironman, my shoulder started causing issues during long swims. Dr. Aaron helped me tremendously and so far I’ve completed 6 Ironman triathlons. He understands my problems and gives me great advice. I never would have been able to compete without him.”

Noreen Korner-

“I have had ongoing hip, neck and shoulder problems for the past twenty years now and have been to quite a few chiropractors in the area. Dr. Aaron is, by far, the best chiropractor that I have ever been to and the same goes for my husband and daughters. He cares first and foremost about helping us, not about hurrying us through the assembly line so that he can fit as many patients into a one hour timeslot as possible. He absolutely does not give us the robotic 5 minute generic adjustment that seems to be the norm. He has helped me tremendously and prevented me from having to go right into a second hip replacement and multiple impending shoulder surgeries, which was the situation I was in when I first started seeing him several years ago. My husband has had severe inoperable back problems and could not find any relief until he started seeing Dr. Aaron, who has brought him back to a place in his life where he can actually function without pain on most days. I seriously cannot say enough good about him.”